ETPS Profit Sharing And Rewards

1. 10% Monthly gain on DNC

2. 10% referral reward

A 10% reward is given to introducer for every ETPS DNC purchased through their direct referral.

3. Group rewards

When a user accumulates 15 ETPS DNC on his right and left sales, they receive a reward of 1.5 ETPS DNC.

Group reward term and conditions:

  • Introducer must have at least 1 ETPS DNC active in their account.
  • In order to transfer rewards to their wallet the right and left must BOTH have an active purchase
    of ETPS DNC (within the group) within the last 30 days.
  • Rewards are only transferable at the ratio of 1:10 ETPS DNC.
  • Transfer of rewards is limited to a maximum of 15 ETPS DNC every week for the rewards.

4. Overiding rewards

This is a reward program where users get a percentage of their group’s monthly gains.


5. ETPS DNC - Distributor Diamond Rewards

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