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ETPS knowingly as “Estimated Time Pool Sharing”. It is a crypto asset product called DinarCoin (DNC). ETPS program managed by Golden Serenity Ltd and registered under offshore jurisdiction off Seychelles.

ETPS is a new way of trading platform for gold, crypto and currency. It was designed for serious traders and crypto-currency holders with liquidity and hedging needs. ETPS is the only transparent pool program that stands behind its settlements and will never force-close a position or deduct profits from traders to cover its losses.

Golden Serenity Ltd is exclusively responsible for managing the process of selling DinarCoin (DNC) with lower prices (promotion) via ETPS program and provides revenue for investors, traders and affiliates. The main objective of this program is promoting DinarCoin to the global market and to create huge network of liquidity on DinarCoin for the initial phase. DinarDirham (Hong Kong-Gold Prime Technology LTD) ventured with ETPS (Seychelles-Golden Serenity LTD) as technology providers for this project.

It is a contract to buy a discounted price of DinarCoin (DNC). Each ETPS share will be locked for 6 months contract. ETPS member will auto-restock the contract monthly, for 6 months period. The profits will be fluctuating based on the market current price for DinarCoin (DNC). It can be withdrawn monthly and the remaining balances will re-entry for 6 months.

ETPS contracts will expire on the 7th months. After 6 months, the purchaser needs to re-confirm their contract for: :

1) Auto-restock for another 6 months.

2) Buyback to the Golden Serenity Ltd (Selling your DinarCoin)

3) Transfer DinarCoin to Crypto Wallet (Available to redeem physical gold)

The price is directly from price of XAU/USD on gold paper note. By using XAU/USD from prime broker, it wills automatically converting using MT4 technology plugins and to create a real-time price of (4.25 Gram) DinarCoin and ETPS price. Every seconds, ETPS will receive the price-feed from MT4 Prime Broker and recording the last Bid/Ask price. It will sum average of all values plus spreads for DinarCoin (DNC) price of “We Buy” and “We Sell” to the clients.
You may need to contact your introducer to activate your very first ETPS order. After you have done making the purchased of ETPS, you can top up and purchase more ETPS until the limits of 1000 Dinars for each account. ETPS can be purchased by IB, Bitcoin, EtherCoin, DinarCoin and few other methods of deposits offered by the company.
In the wallet page, you can specify the quantity and method of withdrawal. After that, click the withdrawal button. Your order will show the lists of the IB or company for the withdrawal process.
A “We Buy” is the price where the company would buy a particular DinarCoin (DNC) with any quantity from the members.
A “We Sell” is the price where a user would pay to purchase a 1:1 DinarCoin (DNC).
No, the world gold price from Prime Broker determines the market price.


The amount of bonus is determined by the total sales and growth of your own group. This bonus is a promotion program for introducer and affiliates. Without prior notice, ETPS reserves the rights for any corrections or adjustments on the account that include revocation of bonus, reducing of bonus and altering client’s execution mode without prior consent from client for any reason.
Minimum is 1 DinarCoin and the maximum is 1000 DinarCoin for each account. This is subject to change.
For every purchase of ETPS, it will be placing in 1 pool in segregated account from other products of DinarDirham and registered under the law of jurisdiction in Seychelles. Company produce internal calculation of quota to prevent huge purchase that could monopoly the ETPS products. This is subject to change.
ETPS is a self-generated profit program, please download our ETPS Marketing Plan and see the section on How Does ETPS Work for the diagram on how the profit and bonus for members generated for ETPS.
We have a sophisticated latest technology of assets using Blockchain that is designed to prevent any trader’s margin call on balance with ETPS. In the very unlikely case of bankruptcy, the company will close the trader’s account and take over its liabilities and provide crypto DinarCoin (DNC) for all ETPS purchaser.
ETPS, we stand between buyer and seller to guarantee that all parties pay and receive their DinarCoin (DNC) and company will buy (used gold) to produce a new physical Dinar Gold Coin 999.9.
If you agreed to our IB/market making agreement, it is possible to receive a commission on ETPS price. Please contact info@etpswallet.gold for more info.
ETPS Certificate is a digital agreement to certify ownership of ETPS Purchase. This certificate using the QR CODE as evidence of your 6 months contract.



Yes, ETPS charges a trading fee on every completed traded from spreads.
You can contact any IBs from the list in wallet page or using Bitcoin, EtherCoin or DinarCoin to purchase ETPS.
Within 48 hours, you may receive your payment in wallet.
ETPS will be undergoing regular proof of solvency exercises. Results of each one will be provided to users.


ETPS has an anchor Prime Broker who continuously quotes large sizes on contracts that ETPS offers.


Do not hesitates to email us any enquires at support@etpswallet.gold and our staff will contact you immediately.


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